I Love Specials!!!!

June is  9 years since I opened my business....so to show my love & appreciation for what I do here are a few specials !!!


  • Month of  January- Introductory model  fee-$150 ($250+)                                                                  Permanent Makeup :Eyeliner, brows or lips

  • 4 pack Tanning $150 ($180.00)

  • 8 pack Tanning $280 ($360.00)

  • ********************************************************

  • Organic Airbrush Tan - $35 ($45.00)
    Loofah gloves or dry brushing is suggested for body. For best results, please wax or shave 1 DAY BEFORE.  A minimum of 6-8 hours before your organic tanning session, shower and exfoliate face and body.  It is best to not use oil-based exfoliates, makeup or lotions prior to your OrganicTan, because they will block the tanning process, leaving a residue between your skin and the tanning solution. Wear dark loose fitting clothing after the session if possible. There is little to no rub of bronzer inside your clothing. 

  • Manicure & Gel Polish $35 ($70.00)                                                                                    Relaxing manicure with you choice of gel polish

  • Pedicure with Foot Massage plus Hand &  foot Paraffin $60 ( 90.00) 
    Pedicure along with  Paraffin Wax for hand & feet, Pampered Pedicure- soak, exfoliating scrub, callus removal, cuticle work, polish, Dr. Locke Stretching Techniques w/ foot massage. Diabetic Certified
    Along with a Paraffin Wax- a soothing treatment in which the feet are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, and mineral oil. This warming treatment soothes aching joints and improves circulation, and the combination of oil and wax softens rough skin

  • 20% off  of all Hair Removal -Sugaring & Threading                                                           Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair-removal technique. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin.                                                         *Sugar of the Nile is a 100% natural, organic, paraben free paste for hair removal. Gentle on skin as sugar paste only adheres to dead skin cells, exfoliating in the process, safe for: diabetics, facial, skin sensitivity, psoriasis, eczema, radiation dermatitis.

  •  20% off of Lash Tinting & Lifting                                                             
    *Eyelash tinting gives added definition and makes mascara unnecessary until the tinted eyelashes fall out and new ones grow in. Usually, that takes about four to six weeks.
    Great for for light-colored or graying eyelashes, this procedure is a quick fix to darken your lashes and make them bolder.
    *Lay back & relax for approx 60 min. Using silicone lash pads & lash lift solution to gently perm your natural lashes. Nourishing the lashes with oil after. Beautifully curled lashes without the damage of a lash curler!

Park Lane Jewellry

All Jewellry is on sale...up to 50% off...In-Salon only!