Organic Airbrush Tanning
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A great alternative to tanning beds and the sun!

Believe us when we say, you've never had a tan quite like an SunnaTan. Our all natural tanning formula works with your skin to bring out your unique, natural pigments. Our technique & solution has been perfected to ensure a natural, even brown tan every time

Tanning Prep

Before your SunnaTan tanning session, shower and exfoliate face and body. Ideally, this should be done a minimum of 6-8 hours before your appointment. It is best to not use oil-based exfoliates or lotions prior to your OrganicTan, because they will block the tanning process, leaving a residue between your skin and the tanning solution. Loofah gloves or dry brushing is suggested for body. For best results, please wax or shave 1 day before.  Wear dark loose fitting clothing after the session if possible. There is little to no rub of bronzer inside your clothing. Even so, it is still best NOT to wear WHITE for your airbrush tanning session.


Coconut Oil- Recommended use after showering, on wet skin to lock in moisture. Coconut Oil can be used in the shower as a barrier during shaving, to help preserve your tan. Other benefits include the reduction of wrinkles, stretch marks, eczema and acne.$25

Mango Coconut Lotion- tantalizing combination of luscious mango and tropical coconut with aloe Vera and shea butter, drenches skin in precious moisture and nutritious vitamins $20

Keep Me Golden-Keep Me Golden is our signature blend of organic ingredients now in a convenient spray can! Extending the life of your existing airbrush tan, or alone as a do-it yourself gradual glow. $35


SunnaTan embodies radiance & luxury.

Our unique spray tan solutions contain skin-happy ingredients, including: sunflower oil, bark extract, gotu kola, ehinacea and green tea. Carefully formulated and perfected by a natural chemist. of organic solution on the market, we will give you the most natural tropical tan.

Whether for an engagement, wedding, graduation,anniversary, vacation, girls night in/out, birthday or a just because day I can help you out!

Here are a few of my beauties with their healthy Natural Tans

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Book your a tanning party for your wedding, Your guests will get a discount on their tan and you the bride may get a FREE tan! Call or message for details.